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Hey… You.

Do you even realize the power you have? If you and and your friends voted in every election, you could create a landslide of change that would help the special interests, which control our current government understand that we hold the power. We hold the power to buy their products or not buy their products. WE hold the power to cause them complete ruin. Has anyone ever told you that?

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Music has long since been a part of engaging young people into the political process for the first time and having their hopes for the future set a progressive agenda for Washington. There has yet to emerge a Rock The Vote type movement for this generation. We are the NEW S.A. (New Sound Alliance) and we need YOUR help to make sure we register as many people between the ages of 18-32 to vote in the upcoming presidential election and into the mid term elections 2 and a half years from now. That is all we are asking you to commit to. The next 3 years.

Janky Smooth is launching what we hope will become a new Washington lobby group that strictly represents citizens/voters only. Our First Effort will be a fund raiser for the Bernie Saners campaign that unites the Los Angeles music scene on… May 18th 2016 at The Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles a few weeks before the California Democratic Primary decides the Democratic nominee. And into the general election with the climax being a concert we put together that identifies the new crop of musicians that will take the torch from past beacons such as Neil Young, Beastie Boys, L7, Rage Against the Machine, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Public Enemy and Jane Fonda. Our central focus will be to create a buzz in Los Angeles that goes viral and becomes a national political action group that keeps voters engaged and enraged enough to make a difference in gerrymandered districts for mid term elections. The Mid Term elections are the ones that always lose congressional seats to whomever the Koch Brothers decide to install as legislators into creatively drawn congressional districts.

We want to use the platform we’ve built with Janky Smooth to engage our readers in launching the political movement of this generation. While we are still quite small, we have a desirable piece of the population of Los Angeles completely engaged with us and with all that’s at stake for the fight of the heart of our country, it is essential that SOMEONE engage YOU in a serious political discussion. If we can achieve this, we can move mountains in this country.

Our core is progressive but we don’t give a shit who you vote for so long as you register and actually vote. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz or even Donald Fucking Trump; if YOU think they are the right person for the job, let your voice be heard. You can overwhelm the election process and install any candidate YOU see fit to shape the future of this country. You and your friends can guide the future of this country as long as our primary goal is achieved in this election: Overturn Citizens United and get the big, anonymous money out of politics.

Burger Records have said they are in with us on this. We are looking for more support for our Super Tuesday Show with the working title, “Super Tuesday” or “The New Majority”. Show lineup, location and information coming soon…

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